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be sick of 〜に飽き飽きしている
not at all どういたしまして、まったく〜ではない
distant 遠い
suburb 郊外
commute 通勤
abursd ばかげた
in fact, in reality, actually 実際は
radical, swell 大きな
notion 認識
give in 負ける
make fuss 騒ぐ
can not make heads or tails of 理解できない
all the way はるばる、ずっと行くと
there is no point in 意味がない
may well 〜しても不思議はない、〜をきっとするだろう

今日は25分 I know!やった。思い出せるのはこれだけ。

Today, I have studied for 25 minutes using I know! which is learning language site. These words are what are remembered in studied words by myself.

Also, today I will move house in the morning. And procedure of the internet should be done more quickly than current time.